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10 Things to Consider Before Making Your Christmas Wish List

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The holidays are approaching. It’s time to dust off your ornaments, hang up your decorations, and prepare to answer the question, “What do you want for Christmas?”

If you make a Christmas wish list, answering this question is easy. Of course, making your wish list might take some time. The experts at Giftster have some advice to help you get it right as the season of gift-giving approaches.

Here are 10 things to consider before making your Christmas wish list.

1. Make your Christmas wish list early

Some people are planners and start buying Christmas gifts for their friends and family early, because they don’t want to wait until the last minute. Others start buying presents in the months leading up to the holidays because it’s easier on their budgets.

Keep these early shoppers in mind and create your Christmas wish list a month or two before the holidays. This way they can also take advantage of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sales.

2. Provide items at a variety of price points

A few of your closest family and friends might want to splurge on higher-end gifts from your Christmas wish list. However, other friends and relatives, especially children, might be excited to purchase you a gift at a lower price.

While creating your list, consider adding items from several price points so everyone feels comfortable shopping for you.

3. Include non-tangible gift options

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t “things.” Give your Christmas wish list shoppers some non-tangible gift options that can’t just be thrown in a bag or wrapped in a box.

Around the holidays, people like to give presents they think the recipient will enjoy. Experiences like tickets to a sports game, memberships to a local museum, or gift certificates for a spa day are unique and fun options.

4. Balance your needs and wants

Now that you’re getting a little older, is it harder to come up with items for a Christmas wish list? As a kid, it seemed like the world was full of never-ending gift options. Unfortunately, as an adult, the practical part of life gets in the way of imagination.

When you create your wish list, balance your needs and wants. It’s acceptable to ask for a new pair of work boots if that’s what you really need. Your shoppers might enjoy giving practical gifts. But others love giving you something you really want, so feel free to ask for a new set of Bluetooth headphones, too.

5. Choose quality items that you know you’ll use

When you begin to think about gift ideas, do a little research so you know the item you ask for will last. There are plenty of websites that offer reviews and rankings, especially for different makes and models of appliances and electronics.

You might also realize that an item you thought you wanted isn’t as great as you thought it was. Now you know not to include it on your Christmas wish list. This strategy will save you from getting a gift you might never use.

6. Don’t forget who will be shopping for you

Who is going to see your Christmas wish list? It’s easy to make one list to share with everyone, but remember that your children, grandmother, and supervisor at work might all have access to your gift ideas. This is not the time to include an “I hate my job” mug.

Knowing who is shopping for you can also help you think of wish list items. What would your children love to buy for you? Do you have some non-high-tech options your grandma can choose from?

Also, keep in mind that not everyone enjoys or feels comfortable shopping online. Consider adding an item or two that can be found locally.

7. Look for the best deals

Not all items are priced equally. The cost of a new video game will vary based on where you buy it. Especially with so many big box stores and online retailers, you’re almost guaranteed to find one that’s offering a discount.

Help your Christmas wish list shoppers out by providing them links to the retailer that can help them get your gift at the best price.

8. Use Giftster to make Christmas wish lists easy

Make sure to consider how you’ll be sharing your Christmas wish list. Creating a list that you just email to everyone is a sure way to end up with duplicate items. Giftster is an online wish list creator that makes it easy to create, share, and shop for presents.

You can use it to create a Secret Santa gift exchange or just to share wish lists with friends, family, and neighbors. You can include gifts from websites or simply add a gift idea, like “a travel backpack.” As shoppers select items, they get marked as purchased so there are no duplicates. 

With Giftster, you’ll get gifts right. Every time.

9. Allow your Christmas wish list shoppers some freedom

Sure, you can compile a list of 15-20 gift items that range in price and are precisely what you want for Christmas. Or you can give your wish list shoppers some guidance and let them choose something they know you’ll love.

With Giftster you’ll be able to add gift preferences instead of exact items to your wish list. Include your clothing sizes, favorite colors, hobbies, interests, and things you don’t like. Your shopper can get creative and you’ll be completely surprised.

10. Follow gift exchange or Secret Santa rules

Most holiday gift exchanges and Secret Santas have rules, like purchase limits so everyone spends (about) the same amount of money. (Hint: if you’re hosting a gift exchange, make sure to share these guidelines before the gift exchange starts.)

You may have to get creative, but it’s a good idea to give your secret shopper some options. Include a few gift items at the max price point and several cheaper ones that can add up to the purchase limit. This way you’ll be surprised by your gift.

Happy gifting!

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