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Don’t Forget These 10 People During Your Holiday Gift Shopping

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Who are you buying holiday gifts for this year? You’re probably planning for your friends, relatives, and close neighbors. But have you thought about the other people who positively affect your life?

You certainly don’t need to get a gift for every person who has made a difference in your world. There are plenty of people, though, who frequently provide you with an ongoing service multiple times a year that you may want to acknowledge.

Gifts can range in price and certainly don’t need to break the bank. Showing you care and appreciate them is the goal. Baked goods and a card will go a long way to show gratitude.

Are you forgetting any of these 10 people on your holiday shopping list?

1. Your hairdresser or barber

You probably spend a lot of time with your hairdresser or barber. They listen to your stories and provide you with much-needed self-care. Return the favor with a holiday gift to say thank you.

2. Your nail artist

Like your hairdresser, your nail artist helps you feel beautiful and put-together. Bring a small gift when you go for your holiday nail art appointment.

3. Your neighborhood mailman

Consider all of the important correspondence your mailman delivers in the heat, rain, and snow. This holiday season, make sure they’re the ones receiving a thank you card.

4. Your trash collectors

Trash collectors spend their days dealing with things other people want to throw away. Don’t forget to show your thanks with a little gift this holiday season.

5. Your kids’ teachers, coaches, and other instructors

You probably didn’t forget your kids’ teachers, but they also have sports coaches, academic tutors, dance instructors, and other mentors who’ve helped them grow. Your children can even help pick out their holiday gifts.

6. Your babysitter

If you have a regular babysitter who helps you out with errands and date nights, don’t forget them when it’s time for holiday shopping. Consider a small present or gift card as thanks for their contributions to your family.

7. Your dog walker or dogsitter

Similar to your babysitter, your dogwalker or dog sitter helps take care of members of your family (the furry ones, at least). Remember them when you’re shopping for the holidays.

8. Your house cleaner

Don’t forget a holiday gift for your housekeeper. After all, they keep your house clean and running smoothly for you throughout the year.

9. Your landscaper

Do you have a regular landscaper who cares for your lawn, garden, and landscaping? Think of a holiday gift for the individual or work crew to add to your shopping list.

10. Your holiday party hostess

Try not to arrive at any holiday parties empty-handed. A bottle of wine, a holiday trinket, or a thoughtful household item are all fun and thoughtful holiday gift ideas.

In this season of gift-giving, we wish you the best at extending the holiday spirit to all people who’ve helped you this year.

Happy giving!

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