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How To Setup a Virtual Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange with Friends

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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Parents and their children, kids and their friends, and of course couples exchange sweet treats or romantic gifts. 

But what about all those single folks out there?

It’s easy to feel a little lonely when others are receiving roses and chocolates. Luckily, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends, so everyone feels a little special.

At Giftster, we have some tips for a virtual gift exchange and a few other fun, non-romantic activities you and your friends can enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

Pick a secret Valentine

Secret Santas are popular. Why not try the same type of gift exchange any time of the year, including Valentine’s Day? It’s a fun surprise for a group of friends.

And it’s easy with Giftster. Simply visit our Secret Santa Generator & Gift Exchange Draw

Don’t let the “Santa” in the name fool you – you can use this tool for any type of gift exchange year-round. Plus, there’s no cost to join, and all participants have the ability to create a wishlist of items. You don’t even have to get together to draw names, since it’s all virtual – unless you need another reason to see your friends.

Watch how to draw names using Giftster’s Secret Santa:

Then, on Valentine’s Day, have a get-together and exchange gifts. Everyone can have a fun surprise opening their presents and discovering their Secret Valentine. Plus, the gift exchange will spread some non-romantic love and appreciation to all the participants.

Plan activities for the gift exchange

No one likes to feel left out on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate friendship instead of romance by planning some activities together, to go along with your gift exchange.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Glamorous night out

Get glammed up for a night of delicious food and drinks. Or just wear your best heels and hairstyle to get some fast food. Who cares what you eat? The point is, you’ll look beautiful and have a memorable time with friends. 

2. Cozy night in

Wear cozy, comfortable PJs for a sleepover-type get-together. Watch movies, make popcorn and ice cream sundaes, and enjoy some facials or manicures. You really can’t go wrong with an evening dedicated to comfort and friendship. 

3. Crafts and cocktails

Gather some supplies like glitter, glue, and magazines, and create your best uplifting Valentines for each other. You can also get crafty with drinks. Try making some DIY Valentine’s cocktails, like strawberry champagne floats or a lady rose

4. Bonfire

Has a fiery romance fizzled out? Are you struggling with feelings for an ex? If what you need on Valentine’s Day is to gather friends and burn an old photograph or two, we won’t judge. Just stay warm (and safe).

Of course, don’t forget about your gift exchange. After all, giving a present to your secret valentine is the perfect, supportive balance to any glam, makeovers, glitter, and old flames.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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