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Kids blowing bubbles at school for a birthday treat.

Safe for School: Birthday Treat Ideas

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What’s the one day of the year your kids just can’t wait for? You guessed it – their birthday! Celebrating this day with their friends and family is a powerful way to create positive memories linked to higher self-worth and life satisfaction.

However, planning a birthday party during school days can be challenging. From pesky allergies to strict school rules, there’s much to consider. To make your decision a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of enjoyable yet simple and safe-for-school birthday treat ideas. 

1. Bubble-blowing parties

Kids love bubbles. An impromptu bubble-blowing party in the classroom or playground could be a great way for your kid to celebrate their special day with friends and classmates. Give the teacher notice so distribution can be timed for the right time, mainly before recess or dismissal. 

2. Arrange a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are very versatile activities that can take place inside the classroom or outside. Arrange with the teacher to send the class on fun and exciting adventures to find specific items purposely hidden. Apart from making their birthday celebration memorable, participating in a group treasure hunt in school helps teach your kid the value of teamwork while promoting social interaction and problem-solving skills.

3. A class dance 

Ask the teacher if you can send in a dance song and have the whole class do it. Create unforgettable memories busting out iconic dance moves to your kid’s favorite tracks, including the hokey pokey, the chicken dance, or the booty slide. A birthday dance in school will bring out the fun in your child and allow them to socialize and learn while having fun. Consider inviting other members of your school’s staff to join in too!

4. Organize for show and tell time

Show and tell is a fun and interactive way to showcase something unique about themselves and their family. Ask the teacher if you can have a show and tell time for your child on their birthday. You can make posters or they can bring in one of their favorite items. 

Here are a few ideas to help your child figure out what to bring:

  • An item found in nature
  • A favorite doll, toy, or stuffed animal
  • A treasure from a trip they took
  • A photo of their family, friends, or a pet
  • A painting, sculpture, or artwork they created

5. Read a book

One of the most powerful ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday is to read their favorite book to them in school. Books expose the child to new words and ways of using language. They also help them learn more about the world around them. You can bring a favorite book for the teacher to read to the class or invite a special guest to read the book in class. However, be sure to ask for the teacher’s permission well in advance.

Finally, despite the busy school calendar, you can still make your kid’s birthday fun and enjoyable. The few birthday treats discussed above are sure to create positive memories and make your child feel loved and celebrated. Social functions such as school birthday treats are an excellent way for your kid to form bonds and ignite friendships. 

From all of us at Giftster, we wish your loved one a happy birthday filled with joy and fun!

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