You'll never go back to paper names in a hat

When your tradition is to secretly gift one other person, Giftster’s Secret Santa draws the names and gives you amazing wish list sharing, too.

Be a hero in your group – get gifts right, every time – with Giftster (it’s free).

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What makes a Secret Santa gift exchange great?​

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Add any item to your holiday list in seconds with Fetch
Simply copy and paste a web link to an item you want to add and Giftster auto-fills the rest. Or type in any gift name, no link needed.
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Add a Secret Santa draw to any Giftster group

Pick names for your Secret Santa with 3+ group members. All picks remain a secret so everyone can join in on the fun. Set exclusions so everyone gets a different pick than the previous year. You make the rules.

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Share clothing sizes, hobbies & interests
Gift preferences is a great place to share your clothing sizes, favorite colors, hobbies, and interests with others to give them more ideas for you – beyond your wish list.
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Personalize your holiday list with an image
Choose from over 50 images suited to fit your style. Cake, nature, a holiday theme – the choice is yours. Change it out for the season or choose a year-round option.

Over 2 million members and counting…

“Love the app/site! Makes gift giving a lot easier and ensures you get the right gift each time. I have a group with all my family members and their kids to use for Christmas and birthdays. The adults always do Secret Santa and it makes it easy to set up. The web extension is also great. I highly recommend.”
–Crystal, Sep 2022
“I found your site a few years ago and absolutely love it!! We have a large family and we draw names. Your site makes it so easy to find exactly what someone wants.”
–Lisa D., Nov 2018
“Giftster is a WONDERFUL website, and it has helped my family's Christmas gift exchange immensely. I'm Elf Jill, the organizer of the family gift exchange for the last 8 years. Let me tell you - Giftster has saved me SO much time & hassle! Thanks for creating and maintaining such a wonderful online tool!”
–Jill N., Nov 2018

The end of Secret Santa gift anxiety

Secret Santa Gift Exchange Drawing

What gift anxiety?

  • How easy is it to set up online?
  • Will everyone get a pick?
  • Can I exclude spouses or children?
  • Will the gifts be meaningful to the recipients?
  • How easy it is to make a wish list?
  • How do I combine items from several stores in one list
  • How will I communicate the rules to the group?
  • Will everyone think I chose a good way to do this?

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