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Valentine's Day

10 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Are your typical Valentine’s Day traditions feeling a little old? Are you ready to trade your chocolates for something a little different? Check out these unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Enjoy a family Valentine’s Day exchange

You don’t have to think of Valentine’s Day as just a couples holiday. If you have kids, incorporate them in some Valentine’s fun with cards and crafts. Think lots of glitter, lots of laughter, and lots of love as you make and exchange cards with each other.

2. Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Are you single? There’s no reason you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day like all the happy couples out there. Organize a Galentine’s Day gathering with you and your girlfriends, complete with a virtual valentine’s exchange.

3. Volunteer or participate in charity work

At its heart, a large part of Valentine’s Day is showing appreciation and love for others. For a unique but completely relevant way of celebrating, find some volunteer opportunities or charity work in your area.

4. Have a friendly competition

When you and your partner are looking for a fun Valentine’s Day, try some competition to boost the passion. Whether video games, sports, a cook-off, or board games, competition can actually help build emotional and physical intimacy.

5. Eat a meal in bed

Restaurants are crowded on Valentine’s Day. Have a creative meal at home instead. Get together in the kitchen to cook something gourmet or comforting. Then avoid the table or couch, and try eating together in bed instead.

6. Create couple’s art

You’ll need a canvas, a drop cloth, and some paint, but you won’t need any fancy art skills. Instead, use your hands, get a little messy, and create something beautiful together. It’s completely optional to get paint on your partner.

7. Go on a restaurant crawl

Are you having trouble picking just one restaurant for Valentine’s Day? Go to three or four. Pick one for appetizers, one for entrees, one for desserts, and one for cocktails. You can literally have the best of everything.

8. Plan a trip for warmer weather

No one says you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14. In many areas, it’s kinda cold, places are crowded, and gifts are expensive. So instead, spend the day planning a couple’s getaway for a future date.

9. Get some exercise

Save the chocolates and wine for after you and your partner have gone on an exercise date. Try rock climbing, skiing, or just a walk in an unexplored area of the city or country. You’ll appreciate the benefits, like stronger connections and attraction.

10. “Travel” to a foreign country

Valentine’s Day in Paris sounds romantic. But it doesn’t seem very practical. Try something a little more unique, by bringing Paris to you. Buy some French pastries, put on French music, and find a movie set in Paris. Not interested in France? This works for any country.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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