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Navigating Gift Giving in Blended Families

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Gift-giving in a blended family can be an exhilarating journey filled with possibilities for joy and connection. While it may present its unique challenges, it also ushers in cherished traditions and a sense of unity. Whether it’s Christmas gifting, birthdays, or random acts of kindness, gift-giving in blended families calls for open communication and thoughtfulness, as each stepfamily is beautifully distinct. Today, we share helpful tips to transform gift-giving in blended families into a celebration that strengthens bonds and brings smiles to everyone’s face. 

Avoid competition to make giving joyful

Even though you have embarked on separate paths from your Ex, it’s important to remember that you are not adversaries. Let go of the idea that gift-giving is a competition where you strive to outdo each other or spend more money. Instead, focus on the genuine value behind the gifts you choose. Let your decisions be guided by the worth they hold, not influenced by the past or emotions towards your former partner. Nurture an environment where the true spirit of gift-giving thrives. 

Be fair with your gifts

Whether the child lives with you full time or not, try as much as possible to be fair in what you give to each child. In this regard, what is considered “fair” has nothing to do with the cost of the gift. Younger kids don’t view their gifts from the cost angle. You should therefore be fair in the number of gifts given or the size of the gift given. Give an equal number of presents or pick similarly sized gifts.

Avoid duplication as much as possible

Talk with your Ex before buying the gifts and find out what they are getting for the child. If you are not able to communicate, have the kid(s) prepare two wish lists and encourage them to choose diverse gifts at each of their homes. You should also keep the receipts safe to allow you to exchange the gifts easily where need be. 

Have an impact need agreement

Some gifts require the consent of both parents. For example, if you are getting a child their first mobile phone, you may need to clear this with your Ex first. Any present that can impact the kid and their current families, such as a phone, Apple Watch, or pet, may need an impact need agreement from both parents.  

Avoid “together” gifts

Although it sounds like fun, avoid buying “joint” presents for your children, especially in the first years following your separation. This will likely forge false expectations with the kids that “my parents are going to get back together.” 

Finally, navigating gift-giving in blended families can be a rewarding journey. Ensuring fairness and inclusivity among all children may require going the extra mile, but the joy it brings makes it all worthwhile. The tips we have shared here can help keep things easy and fair. Leverage Giftster’s resources and online exchanges to spread the holiday cheer to your loved ones!

Happy gifting!

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