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Giftster Helps This Geographically Dispersed Family Connect on Gifts

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After a hiatus from holiday gift exchanges, Lisa Carroll decided to take a fresh approach to her family’s gift giving routine and make it a little less stressful. She needed a better way to make lists easily accessible to the entire family and avoid duplicate gifts. Now, thanks to Giftster, her family gets exactly the items they really want and need. No easy feat since almost everyone in Lisa’s family lives in different parts of the country.

Carroll Family GiftsterLisa first learned about Giftster after hearing about it on the radio. After finding it online, she gave it a test run and was excited by what she saw. She especially liked the feature that lets you copy a hyperlink and easily import the picture, name, price, and description of an item into Giftster. Next she helped everyone in her family set up their account and taught them how to add items. After that, they went to town!

Her dad enjoyed strolling around Target adding items to Giftster by simply taking a picture. Other family members delighted in being able to search their favorite websites for gift ideas, copy the link and easily get all pertinent information onto their Giftster list. Not only did the entire family have fun using Giftster, they appreciated knowing that they would get exactly the size, color, and style they wanted.

This year, the holidays were less stress and more fun because everyone knew there would be no more fake: “Aw thanks. I really needed…socks.”

Although Lisa’s family currently uses Giftster just for holiday gift exchanges, this year they plan to start using it to for birthdays, too!


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