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Half-Birthday Cake

Happy Half-Birthday to All Born in December!

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People with December birthdays often feel that their special day takes a backseat to all the holidays and festivities. They may not have the parties they would if their birthday was another month. Sometimes, their birthday celebrations are even combined with the holidays themselves. I know that this is how my dad has felt with his December 28 birthday and have heard others say the same. So I have a little challenge for you this June: celebrate your favorite people born in December by celebrating their half-birthday!

I did this for my friend, Mary, a few years ago. Her birthday is December 24 (aka Christmas Eve). Her family makes a good effort at making part of the day special for her as do all of her friends, but the holiday always seems to take over at some point. So I surprised her with a little gift on June 24 and we celebrated!

We’ve carried on this tradition as both of us have winter birthdays, and getting together is difficult during that time of year. We pick a summer date that is half-way between each of our birthdays, and we celebrate together then. Like me, Mary is a creative maker and we both try to give handmade gifts (either made by us or ones we find that others have made). But more importantly, we carve out that little bit of time for each other, exchange gifts, and celebrate each other and our friendship.

This can extend to others who have holiday birthdays as well. If you have someone special in your life whose birthday gets overshadowed one year, plan a little surprise for them on their half-birthday, and let Giftster help! Choose a gift from their wish list or peruse their gift preferences for ideas. If they don’t have a wish list, invite them to create one (they’ll never suspect what you’re up to this far from their birthday).

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