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Baby's first birthday

Baby’s First Birthday Wish List

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A baby’s first year goes by so fast! It might feel as though you just brought them home from the hospital, and in 12 short months, they’ve started smiling, crawling, and maybe even walking. Plus, now they also need a first birthday wish list.

Traditionally, the first birthday is quite a big milestone, with a party, pictures, and smash cake (check out these 50 Delicious Birthday Cake Recipes for ideas). 

Even if you’re opting for a small birthday, you may have friends, family, and other loved ones asking for ideas for your baby’s first birthday gifts.

Unfortunately, your cute little baby isn’t quite capable of communicating their ideas for presents just yet. That means the wish list is up to you.

Here are some tips for approaching this very special first birthday wish list.

What first birthday gifts could you and the baby use now?

It’s incredible how many things such a small baby needs for the first few years of her life. While loved ones probably won’t get excited about gifting diapers or baby-friendly snack foods, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a few things that would be useful.

Could you use a tiny swimsuit, toys, and accessories for her first trip to the beach or pool? Does she need a winter jacket, snow pants, and boots for an upcoming snowy season? 

You can also add a few large items that you now need as she transitions to a toddler stage, like a new car seat, baby gates, or an upgraded stroller. 

What presents will help you out 6 months from now?

Just like a one-year-old needs different items than a newborn, your baby will need different things a few months from now, too. 

Use your baby’s first birthday wish list as an opportunity to stock up on toys, clothes, and other helpful items they can use throughout the whole second year of their life. 

For example, you might transition your baby out of the nursery and high chair within the next year, so consider asking for a “big kid” bed set or a booster seat for the kitchen table. Ask for books or toys your baby will enjoy a few months from now.

What unconventional items can you add to your baby’s first birthday wish list?

Remember that birthdays don’t always have to be about “stuff.” Think about the activities you want to do with her over the next year.

Are there any special mommy and me classes? Museum or zoo memberships? Add an age-appropriate experience that you’d like to do that someone can give you as a gift.

What about saving for college? You can also add a gift item for those who like to make birthday presents more of an investment for the child than just a one-time gift. Don’t forget that you can use Giftster to create an online wishlist and make it easy for all your loved ones to see your baby’s first birthday gift ideas. Add items in seconds and avoid duplicates and returns with Giftster, the wish list maker that helps you get gifts right, every time.

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